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As in the entire aviation sector the weather has an important role to play when it comes to ballooning.


Strong winds at altitude are generally not an impediment for the balloon. However, strong surface winds can make the landing considerably more difficult or even prevent the take-off. Nevertheless a balloon envelope consists of over 1,000 m² of material which makes it a huge spinnaker and provides the wind with a very big contact surface.

Cloud cover

Cloud cover in itself is not an impediment to a balloon flight. Some light cloud cover often creates fascinating light patterns at altitude. However, when it is too cloudy a flight with little distance visibility is not very enjoyable. In those cases we prefer to postpone the flight even if it could have been executed smoothly. The ultimate objective is, of course, to enjoy the view and we want to offer you something very special.


Storms are very dangerous for a balloon because when all's said and done a balloon cannot simply accelerate and fly away from the storm. If storm clouds start to gather then the flight must as mandatory be cancelled. The risk is too big to be surprised by strong gusts.


In autumn in Seeland we are often surprised by persistent fog that prevents all flights. If this should occur when all the passengers are already present then an attempt will be made to execute the flight in the Emmental, Jura or Fribourg region.

Advertising balloons

Advertising balloons

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Aerobatic flights

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