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Below you will find a detailed and illustrated description of the process flow of a hot air balloon flight, from the purchase of your ticket to the return to the meeting place.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please just contact us. Please contact us at any time if you have any questions.

  • 1. Registration & Order
    1. Registration & Order

    If you would like to take an unforgettable flight in a hot air balloon, then reserve a voucher on our website or give us a call on +41 32 397 51 42.

    You will receive your voucher with the corresponding invoice in the post. Once the invoice has been paid the voucher is valid and you just have to contact us to agree a date for your flight. In the event of inclement weather on the specified date and the flight cannot take place, we generally agree an additional reserve date.

    On the eve of the flight we will contact you until 20.00 hours to confirm the flight or to postpone it due to weather conditions. For afternoon/evening flights we will contact you in the morning of the flight until 12.00 hours.

  • 2. Meeting point and briefing

    The meeting point is by arrangement (depending on the type of flight). From here we abduct you into the world of ballooning and this is also where the dream will end a few hours later with countless impressions and experiences.

    Please arrive punctually at the agreed time. It would be a pity of the balloon were to lift off without you. After the welcome the pilot will inform you about the weather situation and the course of the flight.

    We will then travel in a minibus to the launch site, which may change depending on weather conditions.

  • 3. Setting up the balloon
    3. Setting up the balloon

    Paying and then having to work? Yes. This is part of the experience and binds the team together. You can also convince yourself of the robust structure of the basket and the material. With the help of everyone involved the balloon is ready for take-off in less than 30 minutes.

  • 4. Take-off and flight
    4. Take-off and flight

    Once the balloon is set-up and inspected, it can get underway. We lift off smoothly together and generally all participants are amazed at how easily and gently the balloon rises upwards. For the rest of the time no commentary is needed – you will just be enjoying the landscape.

    Towards the end of the flight the pilot must select a suitable landing field and guide the retrieval (minibus) driver to the relevant location. The landing is mostly very smooth. However, in strong winds it can clatter a little.

  • 5. Packing away and a final toast
    5. Packing away and a final toast

    After the air has been let out of the balloon it must be repacked into its envelope bag. The weight of all the participants squeezes out the last remnants of air. It is really astonishing how much weight can be transported into the air with such a small bag.

    Once this work is done and the participants have all shared a toast to the amazing flight, it is time to share all the impressions.

  • 6. Return trip
    6. Return trip

    We then relive all the unforgettable experiences on the return leg. Nobody would have thought that we could have travelled such a long distance. After the return to the starting point, we say our farewells, but with a reunion before too long because many of our passengers return again with friends.

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Advertising balloons

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Aerobatic flights

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