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Age / Health

Balloon flying is an appropriate aspect of aviation for every age group. Our youngest guests can sometimes hardly see over the edge of the basket whereas our oldest guests can sometimes be 90 years of age or even older. The only pre-requisite is that you are able to stand unassisted for the duration of the flight. A certain amount of agility is also a benefit, particularly when climbing in and out. Otherwise, no special knowledge or physical conditions are required.

  • However, we do recommend that people with heart or breathing problems should consult their doctor in advance.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to not climb to high altitudes.


School-age Children are welcome with us - younger children only on our charter flights. However, we do advise against bringing children who are too small because they generally get bored after half an hour, but we leave the decision up to the parents.

By the way: children up to their 12th birthday fly with a discount of 20%. Only exception: Discovery and Charter (no price reduction for this flight).


As well as sturdy footwear (walking shoes) clothing suitable for the temperatures is recommended. Dress as if you are going for a walk, but not too warmly. No wind blows into the basket and you can also feel the exhaust heat from the burner. Headgear is not mandatory but advantageous due to the heat of the burner. In the summer a T-shirt or shirt with a thicker jumper is sufficient for all eventualities. As our flights generally take place when the sun is shining, you must absolutely remember your sunglasses. Also remember to protect your skin from sunburn. Snow is also hugely reflective, especially in winter!

Personal Items

You are welcome to bring a small rucksack or small bag into the basket with you. We strongly advise against drinking alcoholic drinks before and during the flight which will make the drink after the flight all the more enjoyable. Please bring along your camera, binoculars, camcorder etc. All items are brought along at your own risk in the event of loss or damage.

Insurance / Conditions of carriage

Take-Off Balloon AG has excellent insurance cover for liability claims that may arise from a balloon flight. Download our conditions of carriage (PDF, 526 KB).

Exchange / Upgrade options

All vouchers can be credited at any time by crediting the price paid to other flight vouchers or to group prices.

Transferability of vouchers

Our vouchers can be transferred to other people. In this case the full name of the new owner must be notified to us.

Return of vouchers

Purchased vouchers cannot be returned. There is no entitlement to a reimbursement.

Payment of vouchers

Every passenger must have a valid voucher before the start of the flight.

Cancellation / postponement of flights by passengers

This is possible up to 72 hours before the actual flight departure time without any consequences. In the event of a cancellation between 72 and 24 hours before the flight, Take-Off Balloon AG reserves the right to charge 50% of the amount and in the event of a cancellation within the last 24 hours to charge the full amount. In the event of a no-show on the date of the flight, the validity of the voucher will cease in all cases.

Cancellation / postponement of flights by Take-Off Balloon LTD

We do not grant any compensation for cancellations - even at short notice on site. Safety is our first priority! We ask for your understanding. Any demand will be rejected.

Validity of vouchers

In principle vouchers are valid for 5 years.

Advertising balloons

Advertising balloons

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Aerobatic flights

Aerobatic flights

I would like to experience thrills upside down in the clouds

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